Insider Negotiating Secrets Event 2020 

1/2 day Wednesday, All day Thursday, All Day Friday and ½ day on Saturday in Jackson MS. 

June 10th 1/2 day “Opportunity Tour”, June 11, 12 & 1/2 day on 13th, 2020  

Wednesday June 10th is a Bonus Day. We will have an “Opportunity Tour” starting at 1:00 pm looking at properties, notes and live negotiations.  


Arrive Wednesday moring or on Tuesday afternoon the day before the event starts. We will have dinner and networking at my house at 1623 Pinehurst Place, Jackson MS 39202 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Night. We will hit it hard for 3 ½ days and end at noon on Saturday. Make your travel plans to depart Saturday afternoon or Sunday.  

Insider Negotiating Secrets is a 2 ½ day event in Jackson, MS hosted by Walter Wofford in Jackson MS 39202 co hosted by Steve Zehala from Columbus Ohio. The purpose of the event learn how to make negotiations a part of your every day life. Plus our emphasis will be on creating lasting relationships.

Some of the Skills you will Learn  

Developing your Negotiation muscle . . . as a daily habit Building Rapport Skills. Focus on Interests not just needs Be the first to propose what you want Speak as if the Deal is inevitable The Power of Competition 3rd Party Decision Makers who have ultimate authority Playing Stupid. Not hard for most people I know! Negotiating 0% interest on Payments when Buying Providing Negative Information Explaining the benefits and negative sell techniques Negotiating Funny Money What’s the Most you Would Take? Using Speed as your Advantage Multiple solutions rather than 1 choice Setting artificial deadlines Small Gifts Trigger Reciprocity The Power of Crazy! Using Social Proof to make you a category of 1 Pacing Your Offers and knowing what your deal busters are You’ll be Sorry. Floating A Trial Balloon Bundling benefits and linking proposals Communicate the scenario if the deal doesn’t come together Divide and Conquer with a team effort Establishing a Fair Starting Point Have a Backup plan Negotiations AFTER the Deal is Struck Uncovering the REAL Motivation Using your Mission to Negotiate rather than price or terms Use Occasional Humor or Lighthearted Examples Using Documents to Persuade Ways to Sweeten the Deal Using Silence as a Loud response Gathering Referrals for future deals “No” is just an interesting response How to Outrun Your Competition Appealing to the “Do Gooder” Scarcity Sells Creating Your Own Comparables Sharing the Pros and Cons  

Steve Zehala

Getting Here: 

If traveling by air, fly in & out Jackson Evers Airport (JAN Airport Code) and Uber in.


We have 20 Airbnb bedrooms available for booking and will reserve a bed for you for 1 or 2 people somewhere nearby the event for $150 arriving on Tuesday and departing on Saturday or before Sunday - 4 nights.  

What’s included:

  • All Documents and videos.  
  • Dinner Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights plus Lunch and dinner Thursday– Friday.  

Tuition: $500 per person. To register for the event and/or lodging

Capacity: We have limited registration. You will have the opportunity to meet every attendee and create lasting relationships.  

Deal Board: You will have an opportunity to tell the group what you have for sale and what you need.  

Walter Wofford 601-594-8300