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I had a talk about the reasons why you can't afford not to engage in the world of IRAs last February 21,2023 and asked anyone from the audience to give
Title holding trusts for real estate, also known as revocable living trusts or grantor trusts or land trusts, can provide a variety of benefits. Some say they go back as

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Walter is also a co-founder of the Financial Friends Network. It is a social network platform that connects like-minded individuals around the states engaging in Tax-Free Commerce with Self Directed IRAs and other Retirement Accounts. This group aims to share educationtechniques, and applications for generating Tax-Free Cash flow and Net Worth

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With close to half a century of experience as a real estate investor, Walter has managed hundreds of houses, apartments, and condos in Central Mississippi.

Throughout his career, he had created strategies for IRA Investing that could change the game for investors to drive profitable income and protection. 

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, he has a lot of pride for the city of Jackson and cares for the people. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather who wanted to share his lifelong experience as an investor and create a lasting LEGACY.

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