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Let me introduce and connect you to a group of IRA investors from across the United States called Financial Friends Network. It started in 2010 as just an idea during wine time. Quincy Long, owner of Quest Trust Company and I invited 44 people to join us on a cruise to share how we are all using IRAs for tax free wealth creation.  

 Here we are almost 10 years later with over 2250 members sharing investing ideas and creating commerce increasing the speed of our implementation.

Since 1981 Walter Wofford has been an active real estate investor in the Jackson, MS area specializing in developing passive income by creating tax free net worth and cash flow through seller financing in the affordable housing area. These methods combine note creation, IRA and Retirement Account investing with Trust Entities and by doing so creates cash flow and builds his net worth plus creating profits for both today and in the future . . . tax free.

Walter is also focused on Improving his local community through Impact Investing with Affordable Housing for 1st time Homebuyers in the Jackson Mississippi Area. Walter also teaches others how to help tenants become homeowners by creating short term discounted Seller Financed Notes with Trusts and IRAs for cash flow and wealth generation. During his career, Walter has bought and sold over 1000 houses and renovated neighborhoods in the central Mississippi area. Combining wholesaling, retailing and IRA investing provides an unbeatable strategy for today . . . and it can be successfully used in all areas of the country. 

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If you would like to discuss any of the ways I can help you, simple click the appointment link to schedule your appointment time.

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Short Stay Rentals: I really enjoy this business’s cash flow. We have 8 properties in the Jackson MS area which are occupied on average 20 nights per month. We are moving our marketing to attract corporate clients who stay longer and produce higher income rather than the vacation travelers. To see our properties, go to www.JacksonVaca.com

Joint Venture Retirement Account Investing: All funding for our real estate acquisitions come from retirement accounts often combining Small Dollar IRA Dollars with Larger IRA Dollars. The list is limitless of the different ways to invest with your retirement various accounts including Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, SIMPLE, SEP, Education Savings Accounts (ESA), Health Savings Account (HSA) and the Solo 401K. Need help structuring a deal, request an appointment.

Impact Investing: There is a national shortage of affordable housing. That statement is certainly true for Jackson MS. We improve neighborhoods and family life by helping tenants become homeowners with payments less than rent. Come to Jackson to see how we do it to take the concept back to your hometown. We combine IRAs, Title Holding Trusts and Seller Financing to make this both profitable and measurable social improvement. 

Title Holding Trusts: Want to keep what you own? Through a system of title holding trusts for real estate and notes, we can separate our assets to keep them away from predators. You work too hard to accumulate portfolios to just leave them exposed to others. Learn how to structure Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts for IRAs and family money. Want to learn more, make an appointment to get you started.

Inherited IRAs Structure and Orchestration: Congress gave us an incredible gift many years ago by establishing the rules for Inherited Roth IRAs. Properly set up, you and your family can enjoy tax free income from investments with your Inherited Roth IRA for the remainder of the beneficiary’s life . . . no matter how old they are. Send me an email to get a copy of the report I wrote explaining how it work called “Leaving a Lasting Financial Legacy”.

Profitable Seller Financing for both Buying and Selling: The 1st 17 houses I purchased beginning in 1981 were all negotiated seller financing. It was good back then and is even better today. Our “must haves” when buying with seller financing protect you from recourse financing, payments the house and tenants can afford, taking title in a trust and many more. To learn which had to wear when negotiating profitable seller financing when both buying and selling. 

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Small Dollar IRA Investing Events  

September 18 “Opportunity Tour”, 19, 20 & 21, 2019. Wednesday September 18th is a Bonus Day. We will have an “Opportunity Tour” starting at 9:00 am looking at properties, notes and live negotiations.  


How to Implement a New Operating System for Your Real Estate Business  

December 4 “Opportunity Tour”, 5, 6 & 7, 2019. Wednesday December 4th is a Bonus Day. We will have a 1 day “Opportunity Tour” starting at 9:00 am looking at properties, notes and live negotiations.  


The Financial Friends Key West Fun Cruise!  

January 13th - 18th, 2020 on the Celebrity Infinity Click here to register with a $100 pp refundable deposit! Financial Friends 2020


How to Negotiate Profitable Seller Financing When Buying  

March 12, 13 & 14, 2020– Jackson MS “I don’t have the foggiest idea how to negotiate or even structure profitable seller financing offers. . . or even what a good deal is. How can I learn how to?” 


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